Accident Injury Attorneys In Buffalo, New York

Serving The Legal Needs Of Western New York Clients

Personal injuries can happen anywhere, from a neighbor's house to a busy highway. Even accidents that may not seem particularly severe at first can have lasting consequences that seriously impact the lives of the people involved. Along with proper medical treatment for your injuries, good legal advice is extremely important.

Our mission at the Buffalo-area law office of Sarles, Frey & Joseph is to serve. Our attorneys work to ensure that people throughout Western New York have access to the information, support, and representation they need to protect their family and legal rights.

Taking On A Diverse Range Of Cases And Clients

Our law firm represents clients in a wide range of personal injury cases. If you were hurt on another's property, we can hold the owner responsible for a failure to maintain safety, and help you secure compensation for your recovery. We represent clients who have been hurt in a variety of motor vehicle accidents, including those involving cars, trucks, motorcycles and public transportation vehicles. When DUI or other traffic violations are involved, these motor vehicle accident cases sometimes also include criminal charges. Car accidents, slip-and-fall or trip-and fall and construction accidents can all result in devastating injuries that require the keen and experienced perspective of an experienced lawyer.

In addition to our personal injury practice, we also help clients resolve a range of real estate law concerns, whether they involve residential or commercial transactions.

Working To Make A Difference In The Lives Of Our Clients

At Sarles, Frey & Joseph, we focus on protecting your best interests while keeping you involved and informed as we work on your case. Scheduling a free consultation costs nothing. Find out how we can help you today by calling 716-568-4753 or contacting us online to set up an appointment.